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Standard grooming fees for dogs
Small breeds 1-25 lbs $90.00 and up
Medium breeds 26-50 lbs $115.00 and up
Breeds over 50 lbs $150.00 and up

Standard grooming fees for cats
All Breeds $110.00 and up

Additional charge for matting and extra under coat work based on how extensive and the time it takes.

Service and Cancellation Policies

Generator Fee - $35.00
In order to operate our mobile grooming salon we require access to a standard electrical outlet. If an electrical outlet is not made available there will be an additional charge of $35.00 to utilize our salon generator.

24-Hour Notice Cancellation Fee - $60.00
In order to schedule appointments that are convenient for all my customers, I require that a 24 hour notice be given if you must cancel your scheduled appointment.

If a 24 hour notice is not given there will be a $60.00 cancellation fee due.

Service Cancellation Fee - $60.00

If I arrive to groom your pet(s) and I am unable to because of any of the following reasons, the service cancellation fee will be due.

  • If you decide at the time I arrive you do not want me to groom your pet for any reason
  • If I am unable to groom your pet because it is extremely aggressive and it would jeopardize the pet's safety and health
  • If you have scheduled multiple pets to be groomed and you decide not to groom all of them when I arrive, the cancellation fee will be due for each pet grooming that you cancel

Payment for services rendered

  • Payment is due at the time that the grooming service is rendered. No exceptions.
  • First time customers will be asked to pay for service in cash only.
  • I accept checks and cash only for grooming services, cancellation fees and additional charges.
  • Return check fee is $25.00.

After you have reviewed our policies you can call 510-581-2727 to make an appointment to groom your pet. If you would like me to arrange a schedule for your pet to be regularly groomed you can print the Appointment Request Form from this page and fill it out. Please send it to the address indicated at the bottom of the form and I will contact you with a planned grooming schedule for your pet.

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