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A New Friendship

I have spent time in the community getting the word out that I will donate my services to groom pets of homeless. A homeless woman named Maria Ramirez called me to get her pets groomed. When I arrived it was obvious that one of her dogs was sick.

After bathing the dogs, I took” Rafy” , the sick dog, to Dr. Hacklar, a veterinarian in Castro Valley. Rafy had a yeast infection along with a staff and strep infection. His ears were very swollen and he was running a fever. Dr Hacklar treated Rafy four times, pro bono, and I am happy to report that Rafy has recovered completely. Maria and I are extremely grateful for Dr. Hacklar’s generosity.

Maria and I are now friends and she has become a coordinating entity for me with the homeless and disadvantaged community. She lets me know what the current needs are for the pets and this summer she has reported that there is serious need for flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats, especially big dogs.

That is why we are specifically asking for donations for flea and tick treatments at this time. The locations where donations can be left are listed on the Feeding the Pets of the Homeless page of this website. Please check back often to find out new ways your donation can help.

Thank you,

Donna Butler-Gates

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